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In the beginning... 

When I was a young boy around the age of 7, I gave my mother a great deal of hassle due to my dislike of food. For whatever reason, food was the enemy and I had no desire to fight. I just wasn’t interested and building Lego space stations was far more important, but once in a while some kinds of food would grab my attention. I went through stages of pancakes, chips, sweets, chicken etc, but I was extremely fortunate to have a patient mother who battled against my awkward and stubborn personality.

Then out of nowhere, came Popcorn! I was hooked! From the age of 7 to 10 years old, I had popcorn almost every night. I even started eating my dinner too. As time progressed, Mum started to refine her methods. She experimented with different pots, varied heat, lid or splatter guard and different recipes. In my eyes, she was now a pro and even now her Popcorn remains the best.

A few more years passed and I decided to learn how to make good Popcorn with my mothers help. I quickly discovered the most important element to good Popcorn is timing. When to add corn, when to add ingredients and when to remove heat. I now had the bug and experimented with different corn, pots and ingredients just as my mother did. 

Fast forward quite a few more years to the purchase of my first house where Popcorn was still the priority. I ordered an 8oz commercial popper for my kitchen, just like the cinemas. I perfected my Popcorn using this machine and was able to make Popcorn exactly as I wanted. Many friends and family shared the Popcorn and also agreed of its quality. I remained this way for around 10 years.

The turning point... 

During a hospital appointment, I purchased a small packet of Popcorn from a nearby shop. A very well known Popcorn brand which is also very current and popular. The Popcorn was terrible at which point I thought, “I can do better than this”. Ikorn was born.

Richard Lewis