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Ikorn Popcorn is a business that launched early 2016. We pride ourselves on producing premium gourmet popcorn for the connoisseur. 

While the popularity of popcorn has dramatically increased, many manufacturers are producing popcorn, which is either unhealthy or very close to a confectionery sweet. It’s easy to overlook this because popcorn is considered to ‘always’ be a healthy snack.

We keep the essence of ‘Real’ Popcorn. Everyone claims to use the best ingredients but we actually do. The finest corn is used after painstakingly trailing many brands and independent farmers products. Our corn is non GM butterfly corn. We only use Coconut Oil to pop the corn, bringing you added health benefits rather than using inexpensive Canola / Rapeseed oil that many other companies use. (We’ll leave you to do your research on Canola / Rapeseed). Finally, our process is second to none so we can bring you our delicious snack.

King of Korn’ is a bold statement but we feel our popcorn is the very best. We’re sure you won’t be disappointed.