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Burtons Bakes Recipe

Double Chocolate Chip bowl cake, strawberries, choc fudge sauce, chocolate Oreo,  @dr_zaks_ltd cherry Bakewell PB, @ikornpopcorn, chocolate chips and vanilla yoghurt🙃

Recipe for the cake is coming soon (promise😛), but it's gooood. I let it cool completely and 😍 Perfect for before bed - slow and fast release protein, low GI carbs, plenty of fibre and chocolate. Because chocolate. Chocolate needs no excuse🤓

I was also kindly sent some popcorn from @ikornpopcorn to try - it's the only one I've seen that's popped with coconut oil and it's basically a gourmet popcorn. They also apparently use specific corn so you get less of that horrible kernel stuff - and have to say it's noticeable. For popcorn, it isss pretty good👌🏼 Poppa B approved of it too. 


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